Wednesday, 21 May 2008


I think I have strep throat. I used to get it like clockwork, every Christmas for years when I was a kid. What's worse is that I think Caleb has it, or something like it, or something from the bacteria that causes it. He is only sleeping in 20 minute bits, waking, crying. My throat is on fire.

I wish I was a doctor, to understand better what goes on in the human body. James other passion was medicine. If he hadn't pursued film he was thinking of being a family doctor. That would be very useful right about now.

Probably the best wedding gift we got was the AMA medical guide. It has information on everything you can think of. There are these fantastic diagnostic charts in the beginning that lead you through the same series of questions a doctor would ask you. It recommends if you can wait to see a doctor or head straight to the ER. And then there are the things you can do to help your symptoms. We use it all the time.

Unfortunately, your personal temperament can lead you astray. I always have a "mild headache, backache, stomachache," etc. Even if I should have been at the doctor 3 days ago, I tend to under diagnose myself. James, on the other hand, always has terminal brain cancer with only a week to live.

Colin is overdue for his nap and my oatmeal is congealed to the point that if the bowl overturned, the oatmeal wouldn't budge. The skies are grey outside and it is threatening very seriously to rain any minute. The weather has been kind enough to grant me pathetic fallacy.

Misery definitely loves company. I hope I haven't spread my misery like my infection.


Anonymous said...

Have you found you worry less or more about your health since having children?
I used to be a major hypochandriac, until I got pregnant, and then all I worried about (albeit a lot), was the pregnancy. If it didn't affect the baby, I didn't really care about it. And now, I worry non-stop about his health, but in terms of my own body, if it doesn't affect nursing, I don't really care (within reason, of course. I don't care about minor or irrational things anymore).

Terri-Ann said...

Hmmm - good question. Definitely pregnancy/nursing takes priority. I find myself walking a lot with the boys, which counts as exercise. I cook healthy meals, more so for James, so that counts as nutrition. But I definitely let the little medical things go. I can't jaunt over to see a doctor so easily, so I just hope it will go away fast!