Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Crime and Punishment

The other night Colin woke up in hysterics at 12:30 am. As he was yelling for Daddy (small blessings!) James crawled out of bed and went in to calm him down. Listening from under the cozy blankets, I could hear James trying to soothe Colin's tears and screams. Unfortunately, Colin was simply exhausted, which made reasoning with him not an option. He cried to be picked up, and then screamed to be put down. He wanted a hug, he wanted James out of the room. He was too hot, then too cold. He called for me and then wouldn't let me into the room. He didn't know what he wanted.

James tried soothing, cajoling, stern warnings, coaxing - but all to no avail. After an hour James finally just put him back into bed with a firm "No, I won't pick you up. It's time for bed. Go to sleep, NOW." Then he left the room and pulled the door shut. There was only a moment's pause, and then we heard the wailing start afresh: "Mommy! I want Mommy! Come, Mommy!"

(James cracked a smile here, and promptly dove under the covers of bed as I crawled out.) Colin, luckily, was nearly out of energy and tears. Whimpering in bed, I went in and sat down beside him, rubbing his back and feet and speaking in low tones.

"Are you feeling a little tired out now, sweetie?"
Subdued sobbing from Colin.
"Shhhh. It's okay."
"Daddy...said...no pick me up." (spoken between gulps and sobs)
"Oh, Daddy said he wouldn't pick you up."
"Daddy...said...go to bed."
"Daddy told you it was time to go to bed."
Sob sob. Gulp gulp. Nearly asleep.
"Daddy...gets...none of my Life cereal in the morning."

Stifling laughter, I acknowledged Colin's threat (very serious for a boy who will eat three bowls of the stuff each morning and as a snack any time you'll let him!), gave him a 'big kiss and hug' and sneaked out of the room. James and I doubled over in laughter as I crawled back into bed. Was Daddy ever in the bad books now!

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