Friday, 9 May 2008


I lie languidly in bed each morning, waiting for Colin to wake up. He announces it to me, from bed, like this:

"I'm wakin' up! Oh! I'm wakin' up! Mommy, I'm wakin' up!"


"A little bit" - Colin's new catch phrase:
"I'm just going to play for a little bit."
"I'm just talking on the phone for a little bit."
"I'm just going to read for a little bit."
"I'm just going outside for a little bit."


Colin was examining a ladybug who made the unfortunate choice to enter into our house. We looked closely at its colour and wings, and I tried to help Colin know we had to be very gentle with him because he was so small. I left Colin with the bug, only to hear him call out to me two minutes later: "Mommy! There's two ladybugs!" (There wasn't.)

The next day he found the pieces again and exclaimed: "Oh no! The ladybug is broken!"

Two days later I think the concept is closer for him: "The ladybug is dead. Dead. It's dead."


"I'm a boy!" I'm not sure he really understands the difference yet - boys have short hair and wear jeans, girls have long hair and are generally in pink or dresses. Yes, we have had a few embarassing moments in stores when Colin points to a little girl and says "you're a boy!", or maybe even worse, points to a boy and calls him a girl. And by the way, Mommy is a girl, but Daddy is "just a Daddy".


Colin loves watching movies. Even more, Colin loves to narrate movies: "Oh! Woody is on the truck! Watch out, Woody!...Andy dropped his ball....He's scared! Oh no. It's very dark. It's very very's almost's at the end!"


Colin's love of trains is all-pervasive. He refers to each place we visit by the toy train located there. For example, the Early Years Centre has the "blue train and black car", the playgroup has "Thomas, Percy and James", and Ma and Pa's has the "train with the blue track that Pa will fix".


Current Favourites:

Book: any of Mercer Mayer's "Little Critter" series
Food: Granola bars
Song to listen to: Sharon, Lois and Bram's "Newfoundland Medley: Bonavist' Harbour/Kelligrew Soiree/I's the B'y"
Song to sing: "On top of Spaghetti" "The Impossible Dream" "How Much is that Doggie in the Window"
Letters: H and X (yes, that's right, he has favourite letters. He goes crazy when he sees one of them, and then immediately points out that the other is not present. We see these letters a lot as we live near both a Hospital and a Railway crossing. You should see the ecstasy that he displays when the "THX" screen comes up on his DVDs!)
Place to visit: Early Years Centre
Insect: Ladybug

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Anonymous said...

What goes on at the Early Years Centre? There's one by our old apartment (near the train station downtown, I could hit it with a stone from our old apartment, along with my cherished craft store. I miss that neighbourhood, hehe), and I'm sure there is one closer. Is there anything there to do with a 3 month old? I need some ways to get out of the house that don't involve shopping once Aaron goes back to work (currently, getting out of the house usually means I will buy something :). Would you like to see the 5 pairs of baby socks, onesie, and bib I bought today that we didn't need? :)).