Monday, 5 May 2008

Homekeeper Challenge #5

(Week 5 - I wonder if I'm actually more motivated, or rather am just recording things I manage to get done around here!)

This week might nearly have been a disaster in the house. I became utterly frustrated with some kitchen shelves and the annoying task of having to unshelve nearly everything from its precarious balance to access items I use daily. So one afternoon I was about to grab a garbage bag and randomly toss in anything that was in my way.

Of course, this was not a practical way of tidying. Many of the casualties would have been things I would sorely miss after a day or two.

And so I decided a better option would be to actually go through the offending shelves and try to organize them in a more useful fashion.

The results were quite positive. My "baking" shelf, previously crammed with no less than 20 items, now holds only four canisters: flour, sugar, oatmeal and salt. The rest of the baking ingredients found a new home on the top shelf of my pantry. They replaced an assortment of canned foods and miscellaneous cooking ingredients, all of which I realized don't need to be at my fingertips, and which made their way downstairs to our food storage.

There. Nice and tidy, convenient and clean. And an unbelievable amount of less stress. Funny how a little organization can go a long way.

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