Thursday, 1 May 2008

Just wondering...

Why Caleb hates his sleeping so much?
Why I will immediately regret 5 minutes of quiet (when I find lipstick on my furniture, all the board game contents overturned, a trail of crackers throughout the house)
Why white things call out to be decorated with lipstick?
Why a 2 minute snooze in the car means Colin doesn't need his 2 hour nap?
Why the word "no" has no meaning to a 2-year old?
Why Caleb insists on shrieking when he is tired, hungry, needs a diaper change, instead of just whimpering like most babies?
Why "eau de diaper" is Colin's preferred scent and why I can't seem to rid my house of the smell?
Why my children demand so much attention that I can't seem to get caught up on laundry, dishes, cleaning, yard work...?
Why I need to follow Colin around with my dustpan...and why I don't just attach it by rope around my waist to save time?
Why Colin and Caleb insist on falling to pieces at the exact same time?

Why children are so cute? (Oh wait...I do know the answer to that...if they weren't we'd send them back!)


Anonymous said...

In university, I learned that children (in all species) are cute so you will not kill them. I'm not kidding, that's the evolutionary reason behind it. It's to keep animals from eating their young, and humans from throwing them out the window :).

Terri-Ann said...

So glad to know that occasional yearning to toss my children out the window is only natural! I wonder why the "cuteness" doesn't stick around for the teenage years, because something tells me it doesn't get any easier!

Anonymous said...

My mother often tells the story of when I was a newborn, and my dad walked in to hear her singing, very sweetly, to the tune of, "Rock-a-Bye Baby", "Go to sleep, shut your mouth, or I'll shut your mouth for you....." because I didn't understand the words, and she was frustrated :). She also told me, when I was pregnant, that it's okay to feel like you hate your kids sometimes. You obviously don't, but it's okay to feel like it sometimes. I've never felt that, but I sure have felt frustrated, after many hours of doing the, "Calm, put in bed, get back into bed, baby wakes up, calm....." merry-go-round :).