Monday, 1 November 2010

The Christmas season has begun!

I'm so glad that Canadian Thanksgiving is in October, because that means once Halloween is past and November 1 arrives, I can break out all things Christmas and people won't think I'm too crazy.

So, fair warning, as of today, November 1st, this blog may contain Christmas references, ideas, plans, and joy.

I've got my plate full this season, but somehow planning Christmas concerts never seem overwhelming to me. If there is music involved, it soothes my soul rather than ruffles it.

I've got 5 concerts with our community band.
I've got 3 shows with the Nativity pageant I'm directing for the city of Brampton.
I've got 2 concerts with our church stake choir.
I've got 1 Christmas program (stories and music) to write and produce for our ward Christmas party.
I've got 1 Christmas program (readings and music) to write and produce for our ward Christmas service.

In the next couple of weeks I will pull down all the fall decorations and put up the Christmas ones. Okay, not the tree yet, but I will spread a little Christmas cheer around the house. It's so much easier and more conducive to creating these Christmas programs if I have a joyous Christmas atmosphere. And now I can also blast some Christmas tunes (I admit we've had a few days already of playing holiday songs, but we've kept the volume low.)

The Christmas season has begun!

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Jenn said...

I love it! It's nice to find fellow christmasaholics like myself...except I'm not allowed to bust out the decor until December 1st! I generally start sneaking out the winter themed stuff mid November though - a snow man here, some holly there, and before Steve knows it, the place is decorated!