Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Another Halloween come and gone.

As Halloween fell on a Sunday this year, we chose not to trick-or-treat on October 31st. However, we had a plethora of other activities in which to take part and wear our costumes (a total of 5 for each of the older boys!)

From school parties to birthday parties to the town's Broadway street trick-or-treat to dropping in a good friend to the yearly "trunk-or-treat" event, the boys had a blast. Caleb wore a different costume for each of his parties. Colin wore his "Mr. Incredible" to everything except the final event, the trunk-or-treat.

Here is what the three boys went as to that main event (the trunk-or-treat):

Alvin, Simon and Theodore, otherwise known as the Chipmunks!

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Anonymous said...

They are the most ADORABLE chipmunks ever! :-)

Love, Ma