Sunday, 28 November 2010

Soloist in training

It's no surprise to anyone who knows us that we love music. James sings, I play a variety of instruments, and music is a part of every day here at the Gawthroupe home.

A couple of weeks back Colin sang his very first solo in church. All the children (60 or so) from the church put on the Primary presentation. This is a yearly event that takes the place of traditional talks/sermons. The children have short readings and talks and scripture passages, and sing about ten songs they have learned over the year. Every child has their moment at the pulpit microphone to speak something. Colin had a short reading, but was also asked to sing a song and share his enthusiasm he shows each week during music time at church.

I wasn't sure how Colin would react once he was standing in front of the congregation of 150 people, so I suggested James stand alongside Colin and sing with him. We practiced a bit at home, but Colin already knew the song from singing it week to week at church. During the first rehearsal, Colin took his place in front of the microphone, and James stood just behind and to the side. Colin started loud and clear: "I wonder when He comes again, will herald angels sing?" As James started to chime in on the second line, Colin (without missing a beat) sharply brought up his hand to cut James off. I, at the piano, did all I could to stifle my laughter. In the end, Colin sang his little heart out, hitting every line, if not every note.

The day of the presentation went off without a hitch. Colin even sang the second verse with the rest of the children singing in the background. This is a proud mama moment: he was the star of the show. His confidence and smile and memorization wowed everyone and made me beam and my heart burst with pride.

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