Friday, 5 November 2010

Up and running again

The flu seems to have passed. I was so glad to wake up this morning and feel normal again, without even a hint of the "day after recovery" tiredness that usually accompanies illness. Nope, just right up and into the saddle again.

The biggest blessing was that I didn't have three days to catch up on. My wonderful, fantastic husband jumped right in where I left off. After arranging to get off early from work, he picked up Colin from school, made dinner, did dishes, cleaned up, and even threw in not one, but four loads of laundry, when he noticed the boys were out of pajamas. In the midst of that, he also planned a potluck dinner for our church tonight, along with a presentation on missionary work that he is in charge of. My husband rocks! I am so blessed.

My favourite part of when James takes over is when he dresses the boys. He always chooses orange-coloured clothing for them to wear - his favourite colour. It makes me smile when I come down to see all of them dressed, decked out in orange.

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Anonymous said...

Did you tell James to read this blog? It would be good for him to see how much you appreciate him - even if you tell him that, it would be nice for him to know that you are telling the world that he 'rocks'. :-)

Love, Mom