Thursday, 31 March 2011


Caleb calls oatmeal "oh-muh-meal." Now we all do, because it's just so darn cute.


He has this very cute way of pursing his lips into a smile, opening his eyes really big, and nodding when he is imparting information he thinks is important and very cool. I've not been able to capture it on camera because it is such a fleeting moment, and my little camera can't even be turned on before the moment is over.


Caleb has taken the whole family into the "potty" stage - you know, when saying "pee" and "poopy" and all those lovely words in the potty family are hilarious. I completely escaped it with Colin, although once in a while he jumps on Caleb's bandwagon. I continuously impart to Caleb that his choice of words is inappropriate. He still thinks its hilarious. It's a stage, and a boy thing, I get it.


"You don't want me to ________any day?" is Caleb's phrase when he's upset. Fill in the blank with anything like "You don't want me to have cookies any day?" or "You don't want me to play the computer any day?" He uses it for anything he's been told "no" or "wait" to. If I tell him dinner will be another few minutes before it's ready: "You don't want me to eat dinner any day?" And the "any day" part is spoken in a long, drawn out drawl with a bit of a whine. It makes James and I laugh all the time, and we often find ourselves (at night, after the boys are sleeping) making up our own variations on this theme.


I am amazed at how even Caleb can remember all the Star Wars character names. Star Wars is about the coolest thing on earth to the boys right now. I can't keep all the made up names straight, but he (and Colin) sure can. There is only one that he says wrong, but he says it the same wrong way each time, as though he was really sure that was the name:

Boba the Fett
Jango the Fett

It makes me smile every time, not because it makes the name any more ridiculous than it already is, just because it makes me wonder what he thinks a "Fett" is!

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Erin said...

Just to let you know...bathroom humour - not just a boy thing!! We get our dosage daily here too.