Wednesday, 23 March 2011

What are you missing?

I had another 'musical moment' today. I had my guitar out this morning, strumming and singing away while the boys played around me. I like to do that a couple of times a week, so they have lots of exposure to music. I had pulled out a binder of sheet music and was flipping through it, picking out songs that sounded neat on the guitar, practicing sight-transposition, and just singing my heart out. It's one of my favourite ways to spend time.

The second last song in the binder was called "When Someone Cares." I've never played it much before, because I don't like the piano arrangement at all, which really turns me off of a song. On guitar, however, I was able to adapt the chord structure to something that was really pretty. I played through once, and then went back and played through it again.

The lyrics are lovely, but my musical moment wasn't directly related to the specific theme of the song. Rather, my mind grabbed onto one line and ran with it in a completely different direction:

"And with God, nothing is impossible
But you must reach and take his hand."

I suddenly had the distinct thought of what am I missing out on? Do I give God enough credit for the amazing things he can truly accomplish with me, and in my life? Am I limiting the work he can do in my life because I limit his power in my mind?

Do I truly understand the profound truth that "with God, nothing is impossible?" When I do, I think that amazing things can be accomplished through me. This thought falls in line with my thinking a few weeks back, in regards to the idea that "through small and simple things, great things are brought to pass." Great things. Nothing is impossible. I think that we often get caught up in a state of humility that leads to the thinking that while we have faith, we aren't really anything out of the ordinary, that as one of the 99 faithful sheep, all our responsibility consists of is maintaining a status quo.

My understanding is evolving now. Though I, on my own, might not be anything hugely fantastic, God can do amazing things through me. Do you grasp the importance of that thought? Do you understand your true potential here on earth?

I'll leave off with the lyrics of another song I played through this morning that constantly inspires me.

"Amazing Things"

What would it be like to have faith to move a mountain?
Faith to walk on water, such faith I've never known.
What would it be like to ride a chariot of fire?
Or to see God's very finger write upon a stone?

What would it be like to sleep among the lions?
Or to build an ark while laughter floods my ears?
What would it be like facing death to save my nation?
Or be betrayed by my own brothers and not harbour it for years?

What would it be like to defeat a might giant?
Or see the belly of a whale and live to tell?
What would it be like stripped of every last possession?
To remain a true and faithful servant still?

What would it be like to behold the Son and Father?
Or see visions of what was and what will be?
What will it be like if I drink from heaven's fountain,
Having faith to move a mountain?

Faith the size of a seed can do amazing things.
Faith the size of a seed-
What will He do through me?

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Anonymous said...


I think you are hugely fantastic!:-) I couldn't believe it when I started reading your blog today. When I read the first line of that song (And with God, nothing is impossible), my heart started racing - I hurried to read the next line - and couldn't believe it when it read 'But you must reach and take his hand'. Wow, you are not going to believe this. I heard this song when I was in my teens - I thought it was when I was with my cousins, Cathy and Monica when I went with them to their church one Sunday. I loved that song right away and the tune stayed with me. I asked them a number of years ago if they could remember the song and I sang them the first two lines which was all that I could remember. Neither of them remembered it. I can't believe that you have the words and music. Can you please send me the words - you can even scan the music book. That would be so cool if I could finally have those words that meant so much to me then and have throughout my life since first hearing them.

Love, Mom