Sunday, 27 March 2011


Because our church is a lay ministry (all the positions, including Bishop, which is like Pastor) are volunteer) it means that every couple of years you are shifted around to serve in a new area. James has spent the last three years, since we moved to Orangeville, in the Ward Mission, one year as assistant, and then two years as the leader. We learned about a month ago that they were going to be moving him to something new, but we had to wait until today to find out what it was: Ward Clerk.

Neither of us new much about this position, and so we went to the handbook to find the description. I mean, we both figured it involved organization, note-taking, record keeping, roles like that. Which James will be totally awesome at. His attention to detail, persistence and perfectionism will definitely help him excel in this calling. What we didn't realize are the spiritual responsibilities that come with it. He has been on the Ward Council, that oversees the workings of the church, for about four years since joining the church 6 years ago. This is a group of about a dozen people who represent all the different groups of people (women, men, children, missionary, etc) who council with the Bishop and his counsellors as they figure out the goals and direction for the ward, as well as address any issues. It was only last month that James was telling me that he hadn't truly realized the full responsibility of sitting on that council, and that he was humbled by the opportunity he has had to serve in this capacity.

Now he has an even greater responsibility, for he will sit in council with the Bishop, his two counsellors and the executive secretary. This is a smaller council that discusses things before they go to the ward council. He will listen to the Bishop and give his own council and opinions on the different subjects. I think James is truly humbled now by this new calling.

It's been neat to watch as he prepared himself for receiving this calling, even not knowing which area he would be assigned to. He read scripture and prayed and thought about the ward and the people who attend. It's amazing to think that he has only been converted six years.

It's also fun to see the different areas he gets to serve, because me - I'll likely always be in music!

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Mom said...


You are right about James - he will be awesome in his position. But, I know that James would be great in any position because he always puts 110% into anything he does. :-)

Love, Mom