Monday, 28 March 2011

Speaking of work

Not in any way related to the previous entry (which I actually wrote yesterday and scheduled to post today, in case I didn't get to write - I do that when I have lots to say and don't want to post a million things on one day!), but today I got to some serious work!

First thing in the morning - a workout. I am so grateful for my great friend Kathy who leads a workout for about 8 of us, twice a week. She has been working with a personal trainer for a couple years now and is looking amazing. Plus she manages to remember everything she is taught, so she actually designs a new workout for us every Monday and Friday. She even brings her weights, mats and balls. She is a taskmaster - but I love her for it. I always feel better afterward.

Second thing today was housework. It's Monday, and I generally try and get it done Monday morning, so I remember to actually do it every week. If I didn't schedule it for a day, I might not remember the last time I did it! I dusted and vacuumed, and then found myself without any more energy. But at least that got done.

Lastly I started on a major spring cleaning. Whenever I see big totes on sale (specifically one brand - so they are all the same) I buy four or five and bring them home. I am working on transferring anything I store from boxes into totes. They stack much nicer than boxes, are more durable and long-lasting, and can be stored in the garage, if necessary. It also allows me to go through the boxes and make sure I'm only keeping things I need. I was only going to transfer some clothing to the totes, but once I got going, I couldn't stop! I pulled out all the baby clothes and did yet another purge, keeping only the things the boys actually wore. I figure if after three boys something wasn't worn, there isn't much of a chance it would get worn on a fourth.

Then I went through the winter bins, the summer bins, and the craft bins. Currently there are 10 totes sitting in the living room, waiting to be labelled and re-stored. Now that the boys are in bed and James is working very late tonight, I'm going to tackle a bit of the garage. I want to store more totes in there rather than in the basement, since there isn't much room down there. It may be chaos in here for a few days, but order will reign in the end!

Welcome, Spring!

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Mom said...


I find that in general kids today do not like to work. Just this week, I have seen instances of this at school. Yesterday, this young ten year old girl was finding an assignment boring and so she just put it away and sat there in her desk with her arms crossed and her face frowning. Another instance was today - a young boy who is struggling with learning his list words - he just said whatever word he felt like even if it didn't make sense with the letters the word was made up of. It's so frustrating when I see children wanting to give up so easily and try to get out of doing their work. It seems today that life is all about play. I am very grateful that you and your sisters have a good work ethic. :-)

Love, Mom