Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Old (golden) friends

I may not be a Facebook aficionado, but I do love how I am able to loosely connect with friends from the past. Friends from grade school and high school who are living in all parts of the world, with whom I haven't spoken since we sat in class together, who have gone off on adventures in work and family, who are having babies and raising children and fulfilling dreams...

One friend from grade school just had her first little Singapore. I was able to see the beautiful photos she posted. Another acquaintance just moved to my opportunity to connect with her and perhaps become even better friends. My (young) cousins on the other side of the country are growing up...literally before my eyes, as I scan through photos and little notes they write. The couple I lived with in France have sold their house and travel around their part of the world in a catamaran. One of my very best friends in high school is raising a beautiful boy and having all the adventures that are so familiar to myself...even though we haven't seen each other in ten years, there are times when I feel it was just yesterday.

So although I am loving this media fast for the extra intense study time and meditation it has allowed me, I am also so grateful for the way media has allowed me to keep even the loosest connections with good friends.

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