Thursday, 3 March 2011

Go to bed!

Late night, all is quiet. It's just too tempting! When I arrived home from rehearsal tonight, everyone (including James) was already sleeping.

I should have gone to bed.

But I didn't. I never get quiet time to myself So I made some hot chocolate, ate cereal from a container (no milk), watched half a movie, and then told myself it was time to go to bed.

But I didn't. I then opened up the computer and my notebook and sketched out more ideas for a song medley I'm composing. I tried to work on it earlier, but the snatches I get during the day don't lend themselves well to inspiration. In a matter of half an hour I had the entire structure laid out, and most of the melody adaptations I needed. Then, if I went to bed right then, I could still have called it a decent hour.

But I didn't. I'm here, typing. It's just too tempting to spend this quiet time to myself.

One thing I should have done was make a grocery list, since my time to grocery shop is 7am tomorrow morning. Oh well. I can wing it with the best of them. Just please don't drop in for dinner this week unless you are prepared to eat whatever smorgasbord I've managed to throw together.

Okay, now I'm really off to bed. Really.

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