Saturday, 19 March 2011


Gotta love the little quirks that make you you. Or me me.

When I have worked something out, I listen to music loudly and sing at the top of my lungs. At all other times, I play music softly. In fact, usually I can't stand music blaring. But when I've been working on something for a long time (like figuring out what bathroom vanity to buy) and I finally figure it out (yay for Lowes!), I really rock it out. Yes, that was me in my little Honda Civic with my CD shaking the car and me swaying and dancing inside.

Nothing gets me going in the morning more than having my bed made and the blinds and curtains open. I am really amazed at how different I feel when I do or don't get this done in the morning. I shave off a couple minutes from my shower so that I can spend the time making my bed and going into each room to throw open the curtains and let the sunshine pour in. Then I can face the day with a smile, rather than crawl downstairs and grumble tiredly at everything.

I have trouble finishing a writing project. I have a hundred or more stories started, all very original and with great possibility. I just can't seem to stick any one of them out. But I will one day.

I am such a visual learner that trying to decorate/renovate is really difficult. I hem and haw and agonize over every decision: will this vanity work with that floor tile and will they match the shower that I can't change? Is that really the paint colour I'm hoping for, and will it look fantastic or terrible with the decor? This small bathroom reno I'm working on has been ongoing for so long. I think I'm close, and yet choosing between a dark or a white vanity is going to be the end of me. I go to bed trying to visualize, I wake up trying to visualize, I sit on the tub and try to visualize.

I love a good conversation. I am a film grad who doesn't like to talk much about movies, but I am hooked for hours if you want to discuss politics or history or religion or theories of any variety. I don't necessarily like to debate, because that usually insinuates everyone taking a side before you begin, which doesn't allow the topic to meander and grow and evolve. But I love to discuss the different viewpoints and aspects of a topic and really see where everyone's ideas can take us.

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