Thursday, 26 June 2008


The weather is absolutely perfect. Sun shining, light breeze, warm air. The trees on our property provide a mixture of sun and shade. This afternoon, during a rare moment of coinciding naps, I lounged in my deck chair and indulged in a few chocolate chip cookies while perusing a book ("100 photos that changed the world" - a fascinating read, if you get the chance). Then I pulled out my recipe books and created a meal plan for the week, complete with shopping list for later today. Somehow "work" never seems like work when you can do it sitting outside in the sun on patio furniture (where I am now).

I have taken a break from the rigorous activities of fence building and gardening these past two days. Instead I have just spent the time sitting on our swing or in a deck chair, taking in the rare perfection of a summer's day. It won't be too long before the weather takes a turn for the unbearably hot, and we are barely out of the coolness of spring. These days don't last forever and so I will spoil myself with this break.

The emerald leaves shimmer with a twinge of silver in the sun and the birds serenade me from their nests.


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