Friday, 20 June 2008


Caleb is now seven and a half months old. I love to see his little personality emerge more and more each day.

He's been sitting on his own since about six months, which is a lot easier on me. He still falls over once in a while, but usually it's more of a roll than a fall. To watch him he looks just like a round ball that just rolls. He is desperate to walk and i'm sure

He has some interest in toys, but would rather a good book to chew on. At first I tried to keep him away from the books, as they don't take well to drool, but realized I want to foster a love of reading right from birth, and so I must let him "devour" books in any way he wishes.

Caleb loves peas, sweet potato, blueberries and oat cereal. That's it. Nothing with meat in it whatsoever, and definitely no formula. Any other fruit or vegetable or cereal is met with a thorough look of disgust and a refusal to eat. But feed him something of his choice and he can devour entire jars of food at a sitting.

He loves people. He is happiest when there is a whirl of kids around.

He loves to hear the sound of his own voice. Babbling, raspberries, singing, cooing - music to his ears.

Anything that is not a toy is infinitely more interesting than something that is a toy. By that I mean shoes, people, blankets, remote controls, windows, cats, spoons, diapers, and pens.

He hates to be missing the action. He will not sleep or eat if there is the slightest noise anywhere. Even in a darkened nursery he still turns to the pattering of people downstairs. I think he succumbs to sleep or food only when he finds it an absolute necessity for survival.

He loves to laugh. He has this huge "muppet" smile that involves opening his entire mouth as wide as it will go. He favours anyone who looks on him with this smile, as though he knew the attention he'll get with it. People are always pausing on their way to comment on his beautiful blue eyes and sweet smile.

He loves to be with me. When I walk into a room, his face lights up and he reaches out for me. I absolutely love it. There is no feeling in the world that can match the joy in your child's face, knowing the source of that joy is you and you alone.

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