Friday, 20 June 2008

Food for the tummy

Tonight it's just Caleb and I at dinnertime, and I'm just noticing now how I really eat. You wouldn't notice it until you're only responsible for feeding yourself.

When I was making food for myself:

In high school, I ate cereal and green apples.

In university, I ate soup and crackers and green apples. When I ate out, it was Subway (it was their chocolate chip cookies that drew me in!)

Now I eat what I call "deli lunch". Basically it involves a smorgasborg of little snacks all rolled up together to make a meal. On my plate tonight I have: grapes, cheese, potato salad, crackers, pickles, pickled beets and yogurt. So incredibly yummy. Colin and I have "deli lunch" at least 3 times a week, in various forms. And, of course, I still love green apples. What is your staple?

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