Sunday, 22 June 2008

Summer Walk

Yesterday Caleb and I ventured out on a summer walk, under a clear blue sky and in absolutely perfect weather. As we strolled through the neighbourhood, I realized again how much I love this beautiful town in which we live. Passing old homes with plenty of character, widespread well manicured lawns, unique gardens bursting with every colour of the rainbow, and neighbours lounging about in their yards - I was grateful for the beauty of this life I am blessed to live.

Any town with an ounce of character is not without its quirks. For instance, I chuckled to myself as I passed "Orange Mill Road", realizing that those who live on that street "live on Orange Mill in Orangeville." Here are other shots that made me smile:

Where the sidewalk really ends!

A mailbox:

Summer snow (it's hard to see, but tree blossoms were falling lightly like delicate snowflakes):

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