Friday, 13 June 2008


Busy busy day today. Had some friends over this morning to help weed out the garden (as I suspected, most of it was weeds! Some were so deep rooted we had to dig them out with a shovel!) They stayed for lunch, after which I watched two young boys of another friend so she could go on a swim trip with her other son. Visited with her upon her return, which brings me to now, getting ready to have dinner guests! Homemade buns are already started, but I'm badly in need of a shower and my house is badly in need of a clean. Lucky for me, both boys decided to skip afternoon naps today!

Tomorrow I will be finishing the weeding, making a quick shopping trip into Brampton, mowing the lawn and building 4 more fence panels!

But right now, I have two diapers to change...

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