Wednesday, 18 June 2008

"I've got a little list"

I once heard somewhere that when you plan for nothing, don't be surprised when you get it accomplished. Last week I realized that after seven months of complaining that I can't seem to get anything done between my two boys, I realized that I also hadn't planned to get anything done.

So Friday I dug out and dusted off a daily calender and proceeded to jot down goals for that day and the next two as well. I wrote down everything from Sunday School lesson prep, gardening, prepping for dinner, and how many fence panels to build. I jotted down the chores I wanted to get to and the commitments I had made to people outside the home.

And by golly, guess what? I got nearly everything done! Not everything, for I am living in reality, in which naps are erratic, kids need attention, and stomach viruses have no regard for schedules, but after four days I made some attempt to organize ahead of time, I am starting to remember why I loved and lived by my organizer during my school days.

Go ahead. Make a list. Any kind of list. Canadians are the biggest list makers in the world...I wonder if it's working? If my success is any indicator, we must be the most organized people in the world!

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Anonymous said...

I finally visited not one, but two Early Years Centres, visited the daycare, went downtown to a coffee shop by my old apartment I used to like, went to Gage Park, and to the library yesterday. I was out for 5 hours, on foot, with Shea, no bottles. I finally realized I CAN do this by myself, with the baby. Didn't even give him any expressed milk, nursed him 3 times. It was WONDERFUL. I've decided to make a schedule of what's going on on what days at the two centres, the library, and swimming, so that every day, I can get up, look at the calendar, and pick something to do. I have yet to figure out how to get stuff done around the house, but I'm GOING to figure out how to do stuff OUTSIDE the house :).