Sunday, 29 June 2008

These are a few of my favourite (green) things

1. My two feet. I am a powerhouse walker. With only one car in the family (that James takes to work 5-6 days a week), walking is the only way to escape from the confines of the house. My friends say they see me everywhere around town. We have an assortment of carriers, strollers, toddler cars and the like to keep things varied and interesting. I have an umbrella and a stroller cover and I'm not afraid to use them.

2. My dishwasher - or lack thereof. We have a lack of space in our kitchen, and I really don't want to take up precious space with a large and bulky dishwasher (built-in is not an option). But I don't mind. I try to do dishes after each meal, and while I'm preparing dinner, so that there isn't a pile up. I treat myself to a more expensive dish soap that smells of lavender and reminds me of the lavender fields in France. In truth, it is somewhat of a therapy for me. I know "water-therapy" is used for all sorts of things, and I truly feel the calming properties as I wash up.

3. Windows. We didn't have air conditioning in our apartment, and although we have a wall-mounted unit here, we have only turned it on twice so far. (In fact, there is a problem with the water draining tubes and so both times we turned it on led to water dripping through the kitchen ceiling, which led to turning it off). I can't stand the chill an air conditioner creates in a home - it gets into my bones like an awful winter bite. Conversely, I love the smell and feel of a fresh breeze, and I open all the windows as often as I can, letting in both the natural light and cooling system our earth provides. You'd be surprised at the air conditioning the air can provide!

4. My washer and dryer - both energy efficient. Luckily they came with the house, because these appliances can be awfully expensive. I don't have the time for line-drying at this point in my life, and so I revel in the fact that I'm doing at least a bit more this way.

5. My push lawnmower. Cutting the grass is everyone's favourite duty. Although probably a little more work than gas or electric (I wouldn't know - I've never used either), it's a fantastic way to exercise. Even Colin loves to help push. This is probably the only chore around the house that never gets missed!

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