Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The bedroom dilemma

Has anyone out there figured out the perfect way to decorate a master bedroom for a husband and wife? Because seriously, this is the bane of my existence.

For me, it starts with my imagination problem. I have this issue where I imagine something (anything - a dress, a decor, a colour) in my mind without having seen anything like it before. And then when I go out looking for it, surprise surprise, it isn't out there. And I go from store to store frustrated that nothing matches what I have in my mind. Then I usually come home empty handed.

Nothing, other than my ideal prom dress, has exemplified this problem more than decorating our master bedroom. I have these wonderful ideas of having something that is both romantic and an oasis. I have literally looked through thousands of photos of bedrooms, and have not found even one that I like. It's true. I have never seen a master bedroom that I really love that would be perfect for a married couple.

Sure, I've seen some lovely photos with gorgeous pinks or clearwater blues or calming greens that I just love. I've seen some fantastic shabby chic ideas that would be perfect for me, but have not a single touch of masculinity in them for James.

I look at colour palettes and nothing jumps out. I think of the colour groups and reject them all - red, orange, yellow, purple, blue, green. Neutrals are nice but don't have the excitement I'm after.

Right now our bedroom is a complete mish mash. We have James' double bed from before we met, sans a headboard or footboard. The dresser belonged to at least two people before James got it, before we met, and was built in the 60s, or maybe the 70s. The night table was also his, mismatched, old, peeling veneer top. The other night stand is just a table we used to have on our balcony at the apartment. Add a Wal-Mart special bookshelf. I do have a lovely quilt that I bought when we moved into our house, but it's a country, homey feel, which again is lovely in terms of making you feel like you want to sink into it, but cottage comfort isn't really what I'm going for. The walls are a burnt orange - I gave James the choice on the colour since I chose the rest of the colours for the house.

So where does that leave me? Hopefully not stuck in this collection forever. Perhaps if we build a new master bedroom, I can hire a consultant who is a magic mind-reader and who will know exactly what it is I'm looking for, because I certainly don't!

On the other hand, if you are a magic mind-reader and have been able to decipher all these ramblings into the perfect picture, please feel free to send it my way!

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Heather said...

Oh Terri-Ann, we are on the same wave length!!! New Year's Eve I took my visa out of the freezer and completely re-decorated the bedroom! It was a collection of a bunch of pieces I loved, that didn't go together at all, but had I decorated the rest of the house leaving the bedroom till last because I really wanted to decided on a colour scheme I loved. This is also the first room in the house Darryl has had any say in too, so the colour palette includes silver and black that he picked, then I picked a pale blue and white. I love it, but the wallpaper and paint we got aren't on the walls yet, when we're done, I"ll post some pictures. It's so hard, but I think other than the kitchen, the master bedroom is the most important so take your time and pick something you love!!! Good luck