Saturday, 21 January 2012


If you've ever seen the film "A Mighty Wind" there is a character that says over and over "Wha happened?" in a drawn out, airy sort of voice. Ever since we saw it, James and I have spoken the line jokingly over the years.

Completely unrelated (since we haven't actually referenced the line in the last year or so) Benjamin has started saying "Wha happened?" exactly the same way while he plays with his toys. He'll have a car or an action figure in his hand, and it will crash or fall over, and he'll look at it and say "wha happened? wha happened?" as a part of his game.

I love the little things about our kids that just make you laugh out loud.


Heather said...

This made me laugh out loud. My roommate in college LOVED that movie, and she said that line all the time too, I still have never seen the movie! But Best in Show is one of my faves, very similar

Wendy said...

That movie made us cry! We loved Best in Show too! Ken and I referenced that recently!