Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Last week I got myself hooked onto Pinterest, an emerging web fad that I think will really take off. It's not much more than a virtual pinboard, a place to collect all the neat ideas and inspirations we come across online. What's great is that it's finally all in one place, rather than on multiple specialty websites (like recipe or decorating ones), in an image folder on your computer (that never tracks where the idea came from, and is often missing crucial instructions!) or in the ever growing bookmark folder in your browser (those links disappear or make so sense after a couple of months.)

The time eater can be surfing around your friends' pin boards, seeing what great ideas they've found (then pinning them onto your own boards.) But I found that after the initial exploration, things have calmed down to a few minutes and a few new ideas a day.

I've already implemented this awesome idea for the closet in the baby's nursery:

(and no, it is not done in pink, and that is not revealing that we are having a girl! I'm going to wait until our new little one is born to see what colours I go with)

And here is a new idea I saw today, and I seriously think this could be the answer to my menu planning dilemma. I love to menu plan my dinners each week, to help keep on our monthly food budget. Sometimes I have the time to sit and browse through my cookbooks, but sometimes I just wouldn't rather it be much faster than that. With this method, I can quickly look through our favourite meal ideas, and also let James and the boys pick some ideas, too! I'm a very visual person, so it makes it much easier to have the meal ideas written down in front of me instead of trying to rack my brain under pressure.

While I'm not great at this kind of crafty thing, I probably could at least follow this example, or perhaps get one of my super crafty friends to help me out in the details. Nevertheless, I'm excited for the great ideas I'm gleaning through Pinterest!

(PS - if you aren't already on this website, you need to be invited by someone who is, so just let me know and I'll send you the invite!)

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