Sunday, 15 January 2012

The next stage of life

I know everyone says that we should enjoy the stage of life we're in and not wish for time to speed up and get us to something different. Well, I think "everyone" would understand that I'm a little eager for this pregnancy stage of my life to be done, given the miserable 3 years I'll have spent sick and pregnant by the time this baby comes. Of course I wouldn't give up my beautiful children for anything in this world, but I can be honest in saying I wish I could have done it without the illness and the absenteeism from life.

I am really looking forward to the next stage of life - the post pregnancy stage, the stage that says "here we go, this is the roller-coaster you've been waiting for." Knowing that aside from an occasional flu I'll be there for it all.

I am looking forward to volunteering at the kids' school and going on field trips. I'm looking forward to soccer games and baseball games and volleyball games and camping and kayaking with my family. I'm looking forward to hosting gatherings of family and friends. I'm looking forward to being caught up with things rather than just putting out fires. I'm looking forward to spending time with my husband that isn't doing dishes or falling asleep at 8pm because we haven't slept a full night in years. I'm looking forward to hosting sleepovers with cousins to give our siblings time alone with their spouses, and then looking forward to weekends away with my husband. I'm looking forward to projects and friends and learning and hobbies and girls nights out.

James and I have been married 8 years, which has been wonderful but also a blur, given that 2 years we spent on opposite work shifts (night/day), 3 years I was sick pregnant, and 3 years we had sleepless babies where I survived somehow on 2-3 hours of sleep a night. I realized that we never really had a time of those honeymoon days, where you come home from work and hang out with each other every day, and travel and explore the world, or at least your corner of the woods. Again, I wouldn't change a single thing. But I really, really am looking forward to the next stage of life.

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Jenn said...

Having just entered what I feel like is the next, next stage (getting the small person sleeping through the night, and not having to constantly supervise every single second of their time) I can say that I feel the same way. I'm excited to move onto camping trips and hockey games and the like. Its one of the biggest reasons we decided not to have any more kids - moving everyone into this "next stage" is SO. MUCH. FUN!