Friday, 27 January 2012


Last night James showed Colin and Caleb the short film he made in university. It's a great little comedy piece called "The Dim Reaper" about the Grim Reaper's son learning to take over for his father. The boys have been asking for a long time to see both of our movies, so James obliged. However, because I was really sick and in bed, he didn't want to show the boys my movie without me being there to see their reactions, so instead he popped in "The Sound of Music" and showed them some of the songs and scenes. All three boys had their eyes glued to the screen, absolutely loving every minute.

When James turned the movie off for bedtime, Colin turned to James and said "Daddy, I liked your movie, but Mommy's movie was amazing!"

While I wish I could say my student film was as brilliant as one of the best movies of all time, in truth Colin just didn't realize James had skipped over my film.

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And, I really hope you feel better soon.