Friday, 6 January 2012


Last week we did the old "pass the clothes on down" for the boys' Sunday dress. Colin has been waiting forever to grow into a nice black suit jacket he has hanging in his closet, and was ecstatic on Sunday when he put it on and it fit well enough to wear. He takes so much pride in getting dressed on Sunday (which he never replicates during the week!), getting all the shirt buttons done up, the vest on, the tie on. Once he put the jacket on, his eyes grew wide at his reflection: "I look just like Daddy!" he proclaimed in awe.

My mom then recounted that later at church that day, Colin had been sitting on my mom's lap reading a book. But all of a sudden during the passing of the bread and water, he climbed down and moved down the pew to sit next to James. He settled down on the bench next to his dad, and took care to imitate exactly the way James was sitting. He sat reverently for that 20 minute time span or so, a little miniature version of his father.


My dad was reading a chapter book of Scooby-Doo to Colin yesterday, and the chapter ended in a cliff-hanger: there was a monster to be caught, and a trap must be designed and laid! As soon as my dad closed the book, Colin disappeared off to Lego-land (as is his habit) to start building. Not long after, he came back to my dad and presented the trap he had built, what he imagined the characters would build in the next chapter. It was a tower with a mug of hot chocolate beneath it, and a large crate designed to fall when the monster went for the bait. It was actually really impressive! Colin was sorely disappointed when they read the next chapter later on and found out the characters opted instead to simply throw a blanket over the monster. Then again, Colin was not surprised when that trap didn't work. He clearly understood that he had the superior design!

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