Monday, 20 August 2012

Back to school

It's coming...

On Saturday we did our back to school shopping, which for nursery school, senior kindergarten and grade two involved a backpack and a pair of indoor running shoes.  Very exciting.

We need the break of school around here.  Things are getting a little crazy.  The boys seem to be getting on each other's nerves with ease and great skill.  James and I are losing our patience.  Benjamin wants to play with the big boys who don't have much time for his two year old version of their games.  Usually this results in a King Kong like destruction of lego creations.  I find our most peaceful days are when I can get the boys out of the house for the morning, to the park or on a playdate.  My boys absolutely love to go to other people's homes.  They are still learning the concept that we can't just invite ourselves over.  (Well, there are a couple of friends to whose houses we invite ourselves over - so grateful for friends like that!)

I know that after the first couple of weeks I'll miss having everyone home, miss the slower pace of summer, miss the impromptu chats, miss the extra time with my boys.  But right now this whole 6am-7pm with everyone up and at 'em is not doing us as a family any favours.  One more week at home, then a week on holidays, and then school begins!

(I'm thinking about doing some sort of special back to school celebration, with special decorations or dinner setting, like I see on so many other mom's blog posts.  But at this age I think it's a lot of work for me, and the boys would rather just eat pancakes.)

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