Saturday, 11 August 2012

Simplicity Challenge #1 - Kitchen - utensil drawer

Okay - here it is!  I've started my simplifying challenge around my home.  And I started in the kitchen, with the utensil drawer.

Here is a photo of everything in my utensil drawer on the counter:

And here is a close up of the utensil tray that is in my drawer:

A reminder of my goals as I simplify:

1.  Empty each room by half, and get rid of at least 10 items in each challenge.

2.  Keep only what is useful or beautiful.  In the case of utensils, useful.  And also make sure I don't have multiple things fulfilling the same purpose.

3.  Stop keeping things I think I might use one day down the road.  I am particularly guilty of this in this drawer.  But the truth is I hardly need all that excess stuff.

Here is a picture of all the items I got rid of from this drawer (plus a whole bunch of plastic cutlery in restaurant packets, and a pile of other garbage that was hiding under all the useful stuff.)

And HERE is the final product:

Isn't it absolutely beautiful???  I realize I don't have a picture of the whole drawer before hand.  I promise I'll get better at this photo thing.  But you can imagine all that extra junk just piled on top.  The drawer was forever getting stuck, and I could never find what I needed.

How good did it feel to clean that drawer?  So good that every time I walked by the drawer during the day, I would actually pull it open and give it a quick glance again, and smile at how neat and tidy and simple it was.

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