Friday, 3 August 2012


James and my birthdays are just 3 days apart, so the boys are buzzing about what to get/make for us for our birthdays.  Birthdays seem to be a big deal when you are 2/4/6 years old.  The boys' birthdays aren't until the end of the year, but they are already making guest lists, planning party themes, writing gift ideas.

It's nice to see their enthusiasm transfer to someone other than themselves.  (Maybe I am winning the battle against selfishness!)  This morning, Caleb ran up to me with his usual big "I'm up to something awesome" smile, and whispered in my ear.

"I know what I want to get Daddy for his birthday...a Batman movie!" (Batman is very big in our house right now.  The boys aren't allowed to see anything other than the original campy G-rated Batman movie, but they think it's fantastic.)

"Sorry, honey," I replied.  "Daddy already has the Batman movie, and the new one isn't out on DVD yet."

"Okay.  Then the second thing I want to get him is an ipod."  (This is what I'm getting for my birthday. James has already opted for an iphone.)

"Daddy's actually getting an iphone, which is an ipod that can make phone calls.  It's better than an ipod," I answered.

"Well, I think an ipod is better, but okay.  Then the third thing I want to get him is an axe, so he can chop down any big trees he comes across."

???  That's both my puzzlement and muffled laughter.

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