Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Today at the doctor's office, Benjamin wanted to sit in the doctor's chair.  So I told him I would ask him all the questions I had and he could answer them.  The questions were all random, like how many brothers do you have and what colour is the sun (he said orange, not yellow, to that one.)

Here are two of my favourites:

What colour is your hair?

How many hands do you have?
One, two (showing me as he counted them.)
How many eyes?
One, two.
How many ears?
One, two.
How many teeth?
One, two.  (pointing to the bottom set, and then to the top set.)
How many mouths?
One, two.  (pointing to his bottom lip, then his top lip.)
How many noses?
One, two.  (pointing to each nostril.)

I was going to correct him and say he only had one nose and one mouth, but then I realized that he had a very valid way of counting, and who was I to tell him any different?

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