Sunday, 12 August 2012

Simplicity Challenge #2 - Kitchen - Junk drawer

Ah, the dreaded junk drawer.  A good friend lamented that she now has three junk drawers.  I guess the one good thing about a small kitchen is that there is no room for more than one - we only have three drawers to begin with!

Here is the infamous junk drawer pre-clean.  This drawer was even worse for being able to be opened.  Things were always jamming it shut.

Here is everything laid out on the counter for sorting.

Here are all the things I tossed away - at least ten.  Several more items got stored downstairs (I decided I didn't really need three boxes of plastic wrap.)

And here is the final product.

Look at that - the junk drawer is no longer a junk drawer!


Anonymous said...

Yahoo for the pictures!

I love them... you've really inspired me in this... I've been peeling through my kitchen now too, though I've saved the two worst drawers for last... still working up the guts to dig in :)

Elizabeth said...

Looks awesome!!