Friday, 31 August 2012


Colin's memory has been amazing since he was very young.  The other day he verbalized his talent in this way: "I have the best memory chip of anyone in our family."


The last two weeks, Colin has been fascinated by time.  He loves to figure out how many minutes there are until something, for example, if I say Dad will be home at 5:30, he'll look at a the clock and say "that's in 47 minutes."  Then, the other day, I over heard Colin telling my Nana there are 120 minutes in two hours.  She turned it back to him and asked how many in three hours.  After a few seconds, he replied "180."  Then he added that there are 240 in 4 hours.  Then he proceeded to count by 60 up to 2060.


Colin's question tonight, after the last two weeks of his investigation into how time works:

"Who decided time?"

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