Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The Blogging World

The Internet is an interesting phenomenon. I wonder how many times we could cover the earth if we printed out every page of information available online. I also wonder just what kinds of things we would unearth. Personally, I think think the blogging world is one of my favourites.

It is a place to chronicle your daily life; a forum to express your thoughts; a way to keep up with friends and family.

I think it's neat to be able to peek in on others' lives from your own kitchen table. I have two blogs I check in with regularly, a few that I peek in on once in a while, another handful that I click on sporadically. They are a wide range of online journals - most are of friends and acquaintances, past and present. I enjoy finding out what old friends are up to. I take comfort in reading up about friends dealing with the same struggles and triumphs I am. Other sites I click on are topics of interest that I've stumbled on: homeschooling, homemaking, cooking, religion. Often these sites offer words of wisdom in areas that affect my daily life.

I also love the idea that friends of mine get to check in with me. I started this blog with the purpose of being able to keep long-distance family up-to-date with our daily life. I think, however, most of my "audience" is made up of friends and family that live close by! Perhaps they are tuning in to hear their own struggles and triumphs articulated, perhaps to reassure themselves that they aren't the only crazy ones out there. Either way, I'm happy you have come to share in my adventures.

I love this Blogging World. I love this new community of which I am a part. I love peeking in on others. I love sharing with friends. As much as I seem to advocate pulling back from technology, there are certainly aspects of it for which I am very grateful.

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