Thursday, 10 July 2008

It all makes sense

Today I passed naptime in two ways: for the first half hour, I was catching up on some computer things (reading, emailing, etc). Then for the last hour and a half, I mowed the lawn, worked a little on my fence, and then dug a hole to plant a bush.

During this two hour block, I ate: a chocolate bar and a glass of milk, and later, a green apple and a glass of water. The first was while I sat at the computer, the latter was after I came inside from my yard work.

And then it hit me. I am very in tune with my digestive system (after many years of battling stomach ailments), and so I always eat to my cravings. Lately I have been eating much more chocolate than usual. This mystified me completely, after nearly 28 years of eating junk food sparingly.

But since Caleb was born, I have not been able to be out and active as much as usual. I have found myself confined to the house due to winter weather, lack of transportation, and having a toddler and an infant in tow. And it was during this period of inactivity that my body craved the chocolate.

Isn't that wild? The more active I am, the more my body demands fruits, vegetables and water. The less active I am, the more I crave sweets, chocolate, and juice. No wonder it's so easy to get into the vicious circle of laziness and eating junk food. I'm sure there is some fantastic medical
research out there to back me up on this, but I think it's amazing when you discover these truths by yourself. Now it all makes sense.

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Anonymous said...

You dug a whole what? Sorry, couldn't resist :).