Thursday, 14 October 2010

Another instrument

I seem to have a subtitle to my name that is only now emerging:

Terri-Ann Gawthroupe
Collector of instruments

I guess it is reasonable for others to offer a musician cast-off instruments. And I certainly encourage you to send them this way! You won't find another person more grateful and willing to add another instrument to her playing repertoire as me. And actually, I love that when people pull out a horn or violin or saxophone they dust it off and think "I should pass this along to Terri-Ann."

I learned piano starting at age 8. Clarinet was my second instrument, beginning at age 12. (Chosen for me since my dad played it and we had one sitting at home.) I picked up a little saxophone and trumpet along the way, because my sister and a good friend played these. Then two years ago I started on the flute, thanks to another dear friend who loaned me her extra flute. This year I finally was able to pick up and learn the guitar, which is probably the instrument I practice most often these days. Two months ago James came home with a violin, which still needs to be repaired. And this past weekend my Nana offered me my late grandfather's French horn.

I should mention that the flute, the violin and the French horn just happen to be my three favourite instruments, and three that I have yearned to learn how to play. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to actually learn them now!

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