Sunday, 17 October 2010

When things get busy

I've noticed that there doesn't seem to be a natural ebb and flow in my life lately; it's either really slow or jam-packed with stuff. A good example of this are Thursdays. With Benjamin trying to get in two naps, I don't have a lot of scheduled events going on right now. I still go out when I'm invited, and often plan spur of the moment trips, but I try to keep things fairly open. I only have a few scheduled weekly activities, and they all happen to fall on Thursdays. Thursdays are crazy for me! First get Colin onto the bus and Caleb up to nursery school. Then up to Overflow (women's bible study). Leave 15 minutes early to pick up Caleb. Try to get lunch in quick and down for nap. Pick up Colin from school and drive straight out to Everdale to pick up our weekly farm share of vegetables. Back home to make dinner. Then out to band, except on the first Thursday of the month which is my Relief Society meeting. It also so happens that the other two activities I wish I could do are also Thursday (one of our ward temple trip days on the second Thursday of the month, and my friend's La Leche League group on the first and third Thursday).

What is it about Thursdays that says fill me with activities! plan your event on my day! I mean, Thursdays are great, but there are 4 other weekdays! Thursdays are also usually school event days (meet the teacher, concerts, etc.)

I always feel like I have to take a big, great, deep breath Thursday morning just to see me through the day. But I enjoy all these commitments too much to shed my schedule of any of them, and so I guess I will just have to adjust.

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