Friday, 29 October 2010


I have rediscovered my homemade cinnamon spread I used to make all the time as a teenager. So good for the taste buds, so bad for me in every other way. Mmmm.

Benjamin, I will win this battle of the wills for naps. You see, my desire for you to sleep and therefore to allow me an hour of time to myself far outstrips your desire not to nap. Yesterday we went head to head for an hour and a half. Outcome? I won. I still hear you fussing up there. As soon as I am done my yummy cinnamon spread bagel for lunch, I'm coming for you.

The latest foods to succumb to the fresh food diet: frozen stir fries and store-bought apple pies. The convenience idea of you both will be missed. Your cardboard taste will not.

My boys will have had 5 opportunities to dress up for Halloween this week, and we're not even going trick-or-treating on Sunday night. All the costumes we own are currently on display on the living room floor, ready for easy choosing when needed. So far, Colin has been "Mr. Incredible" every time. Caleb has been a construction worker, a fireman, and a pumpkin. Although Caleb has quickly divested himself of every costume once we arrive at our event. I think he finds them too cumbersome for moving and playing. It is still my idea to have all three boys go as "Alvin, Simon and Theodore" (the Chipmunks) tomorrow night for the Trunk-or-treat, but I still don't have my act together yet...I wonder if they will be up for it next year?

Yesterday was the last farm share pick up at Everdale. I did it! I managed to make it there every week! I won't be doing it again next year, for I found it a little too confining in terms of pickup times and available produce. There are two great farms about 15 minutes from us that also have large stores inside where you can buy local fruits and vegetables. I'm going to try this method next year, so that I can simply buy what I need week to week and not find myself tossing out limp lettuce or collecting a year's supply of squash.

I'm feeling a little tired of playing in our community band. I love making music with other people, but I think the repetitive nature of band repertoire is what is doing it to me. I was never one for practicing the same songs week after week. Although we do have a whole host of music, much is the same we played last year. (It's expensive to buy music for a band, so we have to use a lot of the same stuff). In January, I may switch to French horn, or perhaps choose a new activity altogether.

These past two weeks my house has been a disaster. We never really seem to recover! I'm thinking I'll need to set aside tonight to just dig in and get it done. I apologize to those friends who have dropped in this week and had to step over toys and sit on books. I really am going to get my act together soon! Actually, I'm reading a fantastic book right now called "A Mother's Book of Secrets" that has some brilliant ideas. I hope to write more on it later, as I digest everything, run it through a sieve and pick out what will work for me.

An interesting conversation with friends this morning. One friend posed the question to myself and another friend if we were done having children. Both of us said yes, we think so, but that we haven't yet tossed our baby stuff. The first friend laughed and said "then just get it over with and have one more. Anyone who doesn't answer an unequivocal "no" isn't done yet!" I laughingly chastened her, giving a quick summary of the awfulness of the nine months of pregnancy I experience. She just grinned and said "I've seen it over and over. When you're really done, there's a set look of determination in your face when you say no." Well, she works at the Early Years centre and spends every day talking with young moms. I guess that does make her an expert. What's that you ask? No, I'm not pregnant. I'm not even thinking about it. But the thought did occur to me that perhaps once all the boys were in school all day and we wouldn't need a nanny during the months I'm in bed...the girl's name Jadyn Joanne (J.J.) has been running through my mind the past couple of weeks...

First rehearsal for the Christmas pageant went well. most of the cast is back from last year, which means I might be able to have even fewer rehearsals. I was in my element directing. My passion truly is the stage, rather than film. In film you have the added aspect of the camera. Although I do love shot composition, I don't like feeling rushed because we might go into overtime and blow the budget. I do love the immediacy of theatre. We work our tails off in preparation, but the show is live and you can't call "cut!" Generally I wouldn't consider myself a funny person, but when I'm directing something of a comic comes out, and I have this wonderful ability to make people laugh while guiding them through the scene. It's a lot of fun.

The other day I bought a book that came so highly recommended, my good friend says she reads it at least once a year. She also said she uses it in teaching her kids, particularly for Family Home Evening. Although my boys are a little young, this friend is very much like me, and she also has three boys about the same age spread apart. I was going to put it on my Christmas list, but as I searched for it on (I like to provide links for people so they know exactly what I'm asking for), I found a used copy for sale for 1 cent! That's right - I bought it for a penny! Of course, it was $6 shipping, but even at that, $6.01 is more than a good deal! I love finding deals like that.

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