Sunday, 24 October 2010

A weekend with friends

What a wonderful weekend. These past few days I have been reminded of how blessed I am to have the friendships I do in my life. I had not one but two visits one-on-one with good friends. James and I had dinner with another couple, with whom we are friends individually and as a foursome. A birthday party last night with a group of twelve, some good friends, some budding friends, some women who inspire me but who I don't know well yet. Our host was also a good friend, who is the very definition of a friend. Dinner tonight with friends and their children (our boys' friends).

I have never had my pool of friendship overflowing as it does here in Orangeville. I have so many "best" friends, those who I could drop in on unannounced, drop the kids off in an emergency, lend a compassionate ear, be a shoulder to cry on. I have many "good" friends, those who I don't know as well yet, but whose company I enjoy, who provide hearty laughs and stimulating conversation, with whom I share common interests and passions, friendships I hope to develop deeper over the years and some of whom I'm sure will become even better friends. I have a circle of acquaintances, with whom I cross paths often in this little town of ours, whose friendly faces and waves of greeting are a big reason why I love living where I do.

Friendship is such a blessing and a gift. My friends have expanded my family to embrace these wonderful people who it is a privilege to know.


Heather said...

So well put! Love you xo

Jenn said...

People are incredibly friendly up here, I've loved it! Happy to count you amongst my friends!

mommy's thoughts! said...

We had a great weekend with you too!!!