Saturday, 2 October 2010

Go Fish

Last night Colin and Caleb played the card game "Go Fish" together.

This in itself might be a cute little memory, two young children figuring out the knack of playing a card game together. But what makes it hilarious is this: they were playing it in the van, in the dark, without any cards!

Colin: Do you have any 3s?
Caleb: Go fish. Do you have any 6s?
Colin. Go fish. Do you have any Ks?
Caleb: Go fish. (etc.)

James and I could barely stifle our laughter as we realized what was going on. After a few minutes I couldn't resist, and I called out "Colin, do you have any 7s?" Imagine my surprise at the answer: "Yes, Mommy! I do have a 7!" I was the first one to actually get a pair (imaginary though it was.)


Emily T said...

Love it.

Helen said...

Too funny! Good that you pay attention and know what your kids are doing to past the time in the car.