Sunday, 31 October 2010


The one thing that surprised me as a mother is how often I am completely amazed by my kids. Every time I turn around they have mastered some new skill or completed a task on their own that I never would have guessed they could do. I guess I had this idea that as a kid they would have to be taught everything they learned, and that as their mother I would likely be the one to teach most things.

Not so.

The latest example of this with Colin was a Halloween craft he received from a friend. The package contained about 20 pieces of a 3-D puzzle, that when put together formed a standing house. He asked to open it this morning before breakfast, which I obliged while telling him that he would have to wait until after I ate so I could help him build it.

The next thing I knew, I turned around and he had built it. "I just looked at the picture of it, Mommy, and copied it."

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised at this skill, because it is one that I also possess. I learn best by looking at a diagram or a picture or an example of what I am doing and then plunging in and doing.

(Now I can hear Colin trying to convince Caleb to let him help build Caleb's model. Caleb insisted he could do it on his own. He attached two pieces and then threw it all up in the air pronouncing "Argh! I can't do it!")


Colin just asked me if I wanted to help him rebuild his little house, if he took the pieces all apart. So he took them all apart and rebuilt it, this time without looking at the picture. Once again, I am amazed (and you think I might not have been, given that I just wrote this post 20 minutes ago!)

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