Saturday, 23 October 2010


Colin: I love apples. Can we plant apples in our garden next year?
Mommy: Apples actually grow on trees. You can plant an apple seed, but it takes years for it to grow into a tree and produce apples.
Colin: We should cut down a tree in our backyard and plant an apple seed. I would love to have apples in our backyard.
Mommy: I would love that also. But we aren't allowed to cut down our trees.
Colin: Oh. Maybe if we move to the country we can have apple trees.
Mommy: Definitely, if we move to the country. I want to have lots of apple trees.

(A light goes on in Caleb's head. His face lights up like a Christmas tree)

Caleb: If I plant a soother, I could grow a soother tree!

(Mommy laughs so hard she cries.)

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Anonymous said...

Such precious moments :] Makes life so worth living!!