Saturday, 26 February 2011

7am doors open - seriously?

This morning proved that some people really are nuts.

As soon as the boys woke us up (right on cue at 6:30am) I got up and dressed and drove over to Home Depot. They were having a great sale on Eco toilets, which is perfect timing for our upcoming bathroom renovation. $25 after rebates, which can't be beat. And since I was going to be up early anyway, running over for their 7am opening wasn't such a big deal for me.

Funny enough, I was second to arrive, and there were 4 others to come after me before the doors opened. And by the time I came out, 5 minutes later, there were at least 15 cars in the parking lot. While us early arrivers waited for 7am, I joked with the rest (two middle-aged married couples, one senior man, and two men around 30 years) that I had 3 young children to wake me up early - what was their excuse? Apparently such a deal is too good to wait. In this case, the early bird certainly did get the worm, because after I loaded one toilet onto my cart, many of the others were loading 2 and 3 onto theirs. I doubt the huge display lasted until 7:30!


Anonymous said...

The Bunnings (like Home Depot) in HB doors open at 0630 - and there are people waiting for them to open at 0630! I guess some people just like to get an early start.

Erin said...

We got my Mom to pick it up from only paid $15 for ours!!! Crazy that you have to pay HST on the full amount though. The tax was as much as the toilet!