Monday, 7 February 2011

Things to do

I know I always seems to have lists of projects to do. In case you think my secret identity is Superwoman, know that I don't get to as many of these projects as I hope to. But I like list-making; it helps me sort through my mind, and jotting things down "on paper" actually helps my hopeless memory retain a thing or two.

So here are a few things I'm hoping to get done in the near future (one month? two?)

1. Finish my blue jean quilt. The top is the fun part. The assembling, not so much. And assembling by stitching with yarn? Whose idea was that? I'm sure it will look awesome, but it takes some real womanpower to get that darn needle through three layers! But I did get it started today, and the bag of quilt is now in my living room instead of tucked away in the bedroom, so hopefully by attacking a few stitches here and there I might actually be done by spring!

2. Paint the trim in the stairway. The last genius to paint (before we got the house) decided that everything had to be this pink-mocha colour, including the baseboards, the window trim, and the actual stairs. The carpet is ugly and permanently spotted with dirt, but it's not worth the cost to replace it, and wood stairs with three young boys is a slip'n'slide-trip-to-the-ER waiting to happen. So I'm hoping that if I at least return the trim to white it might give it a semblance of style.

3. Remove the train table from the playroom. This is a bigger job than it sounds like, because it also means cleaning a spot for the table in our garage. Thus I kill two birds with one stone on this project. The boys have sort of lost interest in the trains lately, with their burgeoning talents in Lego. Plus, with the devastatingly cold winter we are experiencing, playing outside hasn't happened too often. By removing the table for a couple of months, it will give the boys much more room to play indoors. Then when I bring it back out in the Spring, they'll rediscover their love of this great toy.

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