Thursday, 3 February 2011

I knew it would happen

Just like that, I had an infinitely better day today. It was even a day when James left for work before we were all really up and still isn't home after the boys are all tucked into bed. Last month this might have left me frustrated, aggravated and with zero patience.

Instead, I drove Colin to school to give us an extra half hour to get ready, had a lovely visit with friends and their children, Caleb and Benjamin slept for an hour and a half at the same time, we played in the snow while waiting to pick up Colin from the bus, I gave the older boys haircuts while they watched a movie, I made something healthy and yummy for dinner and the boys ate their weight in salad, the four of us all played cars happily together on the kitchen floor for half an hour with no fighting, I bathed all three boys without protest, while I put Benjamin to sleep the boys got into their pyjamas, put their clothes in the hamper and read quietly in their beds until I was done, then we read books, told stories, read from the scriptures, said prayer and I tucked them into bed, all before 8pm.

Whew! I also managed to keep the house in relative order throughout the day, making sure there were no dirty dishes or unused toys left lying around. I had to miss band tonight, but after such a great day, I'm not phased in the least.

Isn't it wonderful when unspoken prayers are answered anyway?

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