Thursday, 10 February 2011


Tonight James was telling the boys a bedtime story. As part of the story, the main character had to answer three math questions in order to pass through a gate.

Now, we've been doing basic math questions with Colin randomly throughout the day. Questions like "If you have 5 donuts, and you eat 2 how many do you have? And then I give you 4...and then you give one to Caleb..." Colin absolutely loves it. (He's just like me!)

So here is Colin, needing to answer three math questions. Sometimes he can do them in his head, sometimes he needs to count on his fingers. The first two he gets, no problem. So James decides to challenge him a little with this:

"If you have 20 apples, and I take six away, how many do you have?"

Colin thought for a minute. He looked at his hands, knowing he only has 10 fingers. Then he raised his eyes slightly and stared at his feet, toes bare beneath his pyjama bottoms. He quickly counted off six toes, then added his ten fingers plus the remaining four toes... "14?" came his answer.

My child is brilliant. And just like his mom. I use to do math problems for fun. And I still love a sodoku challenge or logic problem.

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Anonymous said...


Your son is brilliant like his Ma. :-) I do have to say that in loving the logic problems, you are just like your dad. I truly believe that some people's minds work one way and some, another way. Mine never worked the 'logic' way. :-)

Love, Mom