Thursday, 10 February 2011


He pays attention to things that I like, and then remembers them later on. Case in point: he called me "Beautiful" the other day, which he hasn't really ever done before (he has lots of terms of endearment for me, it's just that "Beautiful" hasn't been there before.) I thought it was really sweet, and told him so. The next morning, when I came downstairs, he said coyly "Good morning, Beautiful." Then, when he left for work "See you later, Beautiful." And so, now and then over the past few days, he has found moments to call me Beautiful. He's often like that: if there is a treat I really love, or a type of flower I think is pretty, or a movie I want to see, he logs it away in his memory and pulls it out at just the right time.

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Anonymous said...


I guess it's the wording you are talking about or that he just hasn't said it to YOU. I have heard James talk about how his wife is gorgeous! :-)

Love, Mom