Friday, 18 February 2011


Caleb's new favourite word is "nothing." He thinks it is absolutely hilarious.

Ways that he uses the word, that make him crack up:

"Twinkle, twinkle little nothing!"
"I want grilled cheese and nothing for lunch."
"The van has a nothing door."
"This is my nothing!"


heather80 said...

At least it's a real word! Shea does something similar, but with, "Shooka shooka".

Although, as we were saying our goodnights the other day (we say Goodnight, I love you, Close your eyes, go to sleep, in French, then in English), I prompted him with, "Bonne..." and he said, "Hot dog". He often says something made up instead of the French (which he knows, he just thinks it's funny to add, "Shooka shooka" instead), but I enjoyed this bit of word association.

Kevin said...

So when did you start reading him King Lear? :)

(Or would now be a good time to start?)